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Wed, 04 Jun 2003


TenRen, possibly the only decent supplier of oolong in the U.S., has changed its domain name to and is offering a 10% discount on all products until June 15th. Which is good, because while they're the best source of Formosan oolong, they're also very expensive.

I'm still undecided as to whether buying Taiwanese oolong is ultimately good (i.e. for the economy) or bad (i.e. for the environment, in terms of erosion—high quality tea is generally grown on high mountaintops and replaces the original, deeper-rooted, flora). It's certainly good for the ol' mouthball.

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RSS 1.0

Well I've spent a little time trying to get an RSS 1.0 feed working. I'm not entirely sure of it because Blosxom doesn't seem provide a complete set of functionality, but you can try it here and let me know if it works or not.

In particular Blosxom doesn't have to seem to have a built-in per-post idea of descriptions, so I'm using the entirety of the entry for now. Not sure if this is or is not the right thing to do. Regardless, there's probably a plugin that does some kind of LJ-style cut that I can co-opt for this purpose.

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DOS by algorithmic complexity

Very cool research on forcing worst-case behavior from server-side data structures/algorithms, allowing for low-bandwidth DOS attacks. Mostly seems to focus on hash tables, but some other stuff in there as well. Various versions of Perl, glib, and others are all affected.

Seems mostly to apply to open-source software (because you know the implementation details, including choice of algorithm), but of course, this is ultimately a strength, and not a weakness, of OSS.

Just another datum on how difficult it is to write good software, and how subtle the problems can be.

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The beginning

Well here it is. The blog from he who hates blogs. The blog to end all blogs. Partially due to my good friend Y.C. Cheng, and partially due to my realization that static content is the least interesting, least useful aspect of the internet, I've jumped on the blogwagon, at least for a while.

There are two other aspects of blogosity that I find appealing. The first is having a permanent record of ideas, links, thoughts, memes, etc.—I know I burn through a lot of ideas, most of which are lost in the ether. Permanent searchable record = good.

The other aspect that's very appealing to me in a technical sense is the RSS aggregation stuff. I think that's a very cool idea. Similar to mailing lists, at least from my point of view, but finer-grained, lower entry/exit barriers and higher posting barriers, which I hope will be the right combination to reduce the traditional mailing list issues. We shall see.

Anyways, that's enough rationalization. If I can stay away from the "the type of peanut butter that I ate today" kind of entries, which are the source of most of my anti-blogness, I'll consider this experiment a success.

We'll see how things go.

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