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Fri, 06 Jun 2003

Perl Obfuscation

Writing code to generate more code really turns me on. I wrote an obfuscated Perl code producer (in Perl of course) a few weeks ago based on a trick I found somewhere on the web. Unfortunately I forget where I found the trick, but it's pretty neat and took me a while to understand.

Here is some sample output:

 '?( {(@@.}('=~('(?{'.('+/)@[@|);##_]*@@=^*|'^'[]@./`^A^OO0}^(%O; ^').'})')

This example just prints a string, but in principle could execute an arbitrary set of Perl commands. Neat eh? Perl as a decryption engine.

(You'll need to pass this in to perl directly; using –e typically won't work because the shell will interpret the single quotes.)

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Moving, part 1

Here's a brief summary of my moving experience thus far.

Sunday: Plan to move small stuff to the new place over the course of the week.

Monday: Start packing. Put some boxes in the car. Call landlord to set up a time to pick up keys. He's not there. Leave a message. He does not reply.

Tuesday: Still no reply from landlord.

Wednesday: Call again. He says roommate-to-be picked up the keys a few days ago. That's weird. Why wouldn't she tell me? Call her. No reply; leave a message. Call her again. Still no reply; leave another message. Send her email. Finally she replies saying she's in Newton, and can I pick up the keys from her tomorrow? Argh.

Thursday: finally meet up with RTB and pick up a set of five keys. Some confusion as to what they're all for. Drive to new place. Spend half an hour trying to get any one of the five keys to work. None does. Call RTB. No reply; leave message. Drive back to her place. Get her key. Drive back to new place. Cry with joy when I finally manage to open the door. Start unpacking the boxes that have been sitting in my car since Monday. Get parking ticket. Fall to my knees and curse God and the City of Somerville parking office. Go home.

Total percentage of possessions tranferred: 5%.

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