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Mon, 09 Jun 2003

Joey Skaggs and media reponsibility

Ever wondered just how accurate, fair, and well-researched the media is? Rather than blathering endlessly about it, run an experiment. Invent a false news-worthy story, publicise it, and see how the media lies, embellishes, and fails to do even the most trivial amount of research. And see how the public believes what you and the media tell them at face value.

This is basically what Joey Skaggs does. A brief accounting of his pranks is at

My personal favorite:

"His earliest stunt dates back to 1966 when he (and a few friends — he's not that strong) took a 200-lb. sculpture depicting a naked rotting skeletal corpse with a human skull, barbed wire crown of thorns, long human hair, and a metal penis dangling between the legs, affixed it to a 10-foot cross made from telephone poles, dragged it to the top of a knoll in Tompkins Square Park in New York City, and erected it upon that spot."

Which admittedly doesn't have a specific media impact, but for personal reasons I find highly appealing.

I'm glad this guy is out there. I'm glad he's doing this stuff explicitly to raise people's level of critical thinking—this absolutely has to happen. Plus it's just freaking cool.

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