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Tue, 10 Jun 2003

I Suck

Re-reading the last few days' worth of posts, I realize that they really suck. I don't think I'm this poor of a writer in general. But my good writing tends to have a lot of time devoted to it, so perhaps it's just a matter of practice to get these once-over'd, ne'er-edited posts come out well.

And as a complete non-sequiter, accidentally having capslock on while trying to use vi is like being under the influence of really, really strong drugs. You can't figure out what's going on, and everthing does the opposite of what you'd expect. You'll try to move your arm and instead your eyes switch to monochrome and start babbling about your childhood.

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Make Jobs Not War

I guess I'm a little late to be commenting on this, but I was reminded of it yesterday. During the Gulf War part Deux or whatever it was called, I kept seeing signs and stickers that said Make Jobs Not War. (Incidentally, there was a fantastic picture in the Economist recently that showed a protest with someone holding up a sign that said Iraq is French for Hollywood. WTF?)

Now I'm plenty pro-employment and anti-war, but seriously, what the fuck is that sign supposed to mean? I mean, it's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't reflect any kind of reality. Both of these things—jobs and war—are not made simply by willing them to be, nor can they be exchanged for one another in any kind of meaningful way.

One doesn't simply say here, I'll add 200 more jobs to my company and turn a knob and it's done. Jobs are a function of an incredibly complex system—the entirety of the global economy, at this point. Having the money to employ new people is a function of having the customer base to support it is a function of the customers' having money to buy your product/service is a function of them wanting your product, knowing about it, having a job themselves, etc.

And while war, at least, can hypothetically be turned on and off at the touch of a button, it's not without massive repercussions for either action. These signs were appearing in the middle of the war and pulling out would arguably have been worse than not going to war at all.

So I guess the upshot is that, while I agree with the basic sentiment that jobs are good and war is to be avoided, and I understand the need to express oneself in a sufficiently pithy manner that one can fit one's opinion on one's little sticker, seriously guys. It's just dumb.

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