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Thu, 19 Jun 2003


Missed this when it came out a few weeks ago. Dan Savage's competition to define Santorum in a sexual context has been decided. (This is, of course, in response to Senator Rick Santorum's (R-PA) comments in April comparing homosexuality to incest, bigamy and adultery

Savage Love readers, by a wide margin, want U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum's name to stand for... that frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex!

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I guess I had known about this before, but ETree is the modern incarnation of the old tape trees that I was briefly involved with as a youthman. Basically it's a set of FTP servers that people use to distribute recordings of live shows, from bands that allow it. It looks like they distribute a mixture of FLACs and Shorten files (which I've never heard of—some Windows thing?) and reject lossfully-compressed audio files, which is a little silly IMO but unsurprising.

A very cool idea, but the distribution mechanism is silly. They announce the servers once a week on some mailing list, and everybody runs over to them and tries to download as much as they can. I assume the unarchived, restricted-posting mailing list idea is just to raise the entrace barrier. So yeah, they need to move over to BitTorrent or some other distribution mechanism ASAP, and they can ditch this sillyness.

Anyways, there's an Etree node called Bluegrassbox that has a bunch of bluegrass shows that I'd really like to listen to (e.g. Bill Monroe performances from the 60's). This was the source of my harddrive purchase desire earlier. I need to get at these files.

Bluegrassbox also has a streaming radio which is a nice break from, which insists on playing that godawful Australian show six times a day, the purpose of which seems to be solely to catalogue every whiny, saccharine, soul-less musical turd that is expelled from the anus of modern bluegrass music. I am personally insulted that these people relegate Eddie Stubbs to the back of the bus to keep this fluff on repeat.

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