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Tue, 24 Jun 2003


Just finished reading Kokoro. I liked it more than I expected, given that I generally have a very low tolerance for classics (often near-regardless of time period or country of origin—someone who sees tremendous value in, or has the patience for, classics, I am not). The fact that the entire thing was a long exposition on man's fundamental loneliness, inescapable except through death, might explain my appreciation. I tend to dig that kind of thing.

Anyways, it's written in very simple, clear prose, and has a nice personal take on generation gap issues, which, I suspect, were particularly strong in Japan during the giant cultural transition that was the Meiji restoration. Worth reading.

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Windows sucks

I always have fun transferring photos from my digital camera to my Windows laptop. When you're done USB devices on Window, you're supposed to go through a complicated series of actions to tell Windows you're about to unplug the device:

  1. find the little icon on the bar at the bottom; then
  2. right click on it; then
  3. click on Unplug or Eject Hardware; then
  4. select the device you want to unplug; then
  5. click Ok.

The alternative, of course, is to:

  1. unplug the frickin' device; then
  2. hit Ok when Windows whines.

Good user interface design, guys.

Of course, I use the Windows box in the first place because it took me about two hours of intensive effort to get USB working on my Linux box, and I promptly forgot how to do it. Some modprobe trickery... oh well, can't win 'em all.

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