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Mon, 30 Jun 2003

Bogey in the 40's

Wow! Here's the Boston Public Library's schedule for Bogey movies this summer:

  • July 7, The Roaring Twenties (104 min. b/w. 1939).
  • July 14, The Maltese Falcon (100 min. b/w. 1941.).
  • July 21, Casablanca (102 min. b/w. 1942).
  • July 28, To Have and Have Not (100 min., b/w. 1944).
  • Aug. 4, The Big Sleep (114 min. b/w. 1946).
  • Aug. 11, Dark Passage (106 min. b/w. 1947).
  • Aug. 18, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (124 min. b/w. 1948).
  • Aug. 25, Key Largo (101 min. b/w. 1948).

I'm so there!

I was going to complain about the absence of The African Queen until I realized that was from 1951. (P.S. Katharine Hepburn just died yesterday.)

And unfortunately I'll be out of the country for The Big Sleep, which I was looking forward to having another crack at, having been completely confused by the plot the first n times....

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