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Thu, 10 Jul 2003

Space shifting

New word invented. Oh no! Someone space-shifted my car!

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Surprise Language Results

The results are in. We placed second in the named-entity scoring—very pleasantly surprising, given that our old and fairly cut-and-dry hidden Markov model tagger was competing against, amongst other things, fancy new conditional random field-based taggers (which, incidentally, did pretty poorly).

I think this has driven another nail in the coffin of people's opinions on CRFs—not only are the obscenely difficult to implement, they don't seem to particularly outperform other approaches. Voted perceptron is still the favorite.

Anyway, this event was just another chapter in the book of my struggle against the LDC, which, for an organization devoted to creating machine-readable linguistic resources, for chrissake, seems to have an awfully difficult time producing anything actually machine-readable. (Like, oh, say, valid XML. Or filename references that don't sporadically change the case or map dots to underscores. You know, little things like that.)

In general, it never fails to amaze me exactly how much of NLP research is devoted to massaging the data. (About 50%, in my experience. Seriously.)

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For the first time in two years I go to sleep in relative silence—no obnoxious computer fan in my room. It didn't really bother me (rather, I didn't let it bother me) but it drove my ex-girlfriend crazy.

  • She said: Can't you turn that thing off at night?
  • I said: No, it provides the non-essential portions of the web site, like the gallery....
  • She said: So it doesn't actually do anything important.
  • I said: Look, don't make me choose between the computer and you. You'll probably lose.

She was not happy. I do not have a way with words.

(But hey, n months later: girlfriend no, computer yes.)

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Patch griefs with proverbs. -- William Shakespeare, "Much Ado About Nothing"