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Thu, 17 Jul 2003

My own miracle

Jesus turned water into wine. I turn wine into urine. Is my miracle not as great as His?

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Status Report

My Neuros arrived, right in time for the drive out to Grey Fox tomorrow. Way cool, except

  1. USB 1.0 is fucking slow, and
  2. the beta ogg-enabled firmware apparently fux0rs with the FM broadcast feature

… which are neither of them terrible issues (the ol' fake audio cassette is what I'll use while driving for the time being (there has got to be a better way to connect external sources car audio)) but they are not a little irritating.

In other news, lux's (the mail masanjin server) harddrive blew up today. I have it balancing precariously again, but it's seriously about to burst into flame. If Allah wills that it lasts the weekend so I can get a chance to transfer things over to a new drive, I will be very happy (but of course I will accept happily whatever Allah wills).

Hey, I'm pretty drunk on Wild Turkey reserve again. But it doesn't seem to affect my hax0r skills. At least, the hard drive works now, and it didn't when I was sober an hour ago.

Have been in a weird emotional state recently because of a particular woman-related event. Flipflopping between ecstatic joy and groundless depression about once an hour. Seriously, I need to get this under control. Hoping that a weekend of bluegrass-related debauchery will erode the peaks somehwat.

On the bright side, I feel like I'm really starting to develop a distinctive fiddle style. I know the sound that I like, I'm starting to acquire licks that fit with it, and I know where to look for more (Chubby Wise and Eddie Stubbs, mostly, at the moment.)

Now where's that drink....

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You tread upon my patience. -- William Shakespeare, "Henry IV"