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Thu, 24 Jul 2003

Grey Fox pictures

A few at

Pickin' circle

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今日原來不錯,我的朋友 鄭先生 從他仙鄉 回來了,雙手代者禮物。他送給我的東西中有一個竹茶盤,請看相片: Tea tray

我在美國找茶盤找了很久,後來只有找到 天任公司 的一種以金屬做的,其實我覺得沒任何特別的,而趨近不好看。因而我滿高行在家理總算有了好茶盤。

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she said take my hand and carry me to disney land
there i met mickey mouse and we both shake hand
he was the mouse
i am the man

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Fuck Somerville

I'll be gone for two weeks in August. During that period, both sides of the street will be cleaned. And they are towing. What am I supposed to do with my car?

In fact, what does the City of Somerville Traffic Commission, which in its infinite wisdom has decided that parking for more than 48 hours in the same space is illegal, expect you to do if you go out of town?

This fucking town and its fucking traffic commission. Not only do they charge me an insane amount of excise tax every year (hint: never buy a new car and garage it in Somerville) but they make my life far more difficult than it has to be.

And now they're about to jump on the let's ban smoking boat as well.

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A man was reading The Canterbury Tales one Saturday morning, when his wife asked "What have you got there?" Replied he, "Just my cup and Chaucer."