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Mon, 28 Jul 2003

To Have and Have Not

Just saw To Have and Have Not this evening. What a great movie.

In a lot of ways it's similar to Casablanca —American girl meets guy in a bar situated in a foreign country in the midst of scary military action. But To Have and Have Not has Lauren Bacall, and holy shit is she ever sexy. I mean, Ingrid Bergman and Katharine Hepburn had their moments, but Lauren Bacall was a fucking goddess. Her first scene where, leaning against the hotel door, she asks Harry for a light, is probably the sultriest moment ever captured on film.

The plot overall is not really amazing (though at least it's simple enough to follow, for once) and none of the characters particularly stands out, in my mind, in comparison with, say, Joel Cairo from The Maltese Falcon. But the interaction between Bogart and Bacall is excellent and drives the entire movie. They get some fantastic dialogue. "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? Just put your together... and blow."

The cherry on the icing was the whole smokey French/tropical hotel bar environment, which was really appealing to me, and the live music, which was excellent. Definitely my kind of atmosphere.

And it wasn't all just acting, apparently. It was on the set of To Have and Have Not that Bogart and Bacall met, and fell in love. When they married, soon after, Bogart was 44 and Bacall was 19, and Bogart had just divorced his third wife to marry her. Fourteen years later, he died of cancer.

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Politics in Japan

This picture is great (from the Yahoo Most Popular News Photos site).


I really like:

  • the hottie up on the desk in tight skirt and high heels
  • the guy holding on to the other guy's leg
  • how everyone in the back is grinning and holding their hands up.

Yahoo caption: "Opposition lawmakers rush to the chairman to stop the passage of a bill allowing Japanese Self Defense Forces to be sent to Iraq."

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