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Wed, 22 Oct 2003

Cantab results

Well, it went pretty good I think. We managed to make it through the entire setlist without getting confused and stopping in the middle of a tune, which was my greatest fear. Big turn out in terms of friends and foafs which was surprising but very cool. Nothing like a crowd pre-disposed to be friendly.

Having a steady, experienced bass player helped tremendously. It was like everyone in the band was suddenly blessed with the ability to keep time. Now if there was only a similar magic in-tune fairy who could wave her wand over us...

I think that personally I started out doing pretty well but totally overshot my inebriation sweet spot (i.e. drunk enough not to be nervous, not so drunk that I couldn't play well) at about the Wild Turkey 101 1.25 mark and subsequently fucked up a lot of things I really shouldn't have. Red Haired Boy is not so complicated of a tune, really it isn't. But overall I didn't make as big a fool of myself as I could have, and we weren't thrown off the stage, so I'll consider the event success of the semi-rousing nature.

Basically now I feel like a virgin who just went through a Debbie does Dallas-style gangbang. Playing at the Cantab was the sum of all fears I had as an amateur musician, and now that all the real musicians have had a chance to listened to me and shake their heads in derision, I've got nowhere to go but up.

Major XP gain and level up, if you ask me.

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