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Wed, 05 Nov 2003

More Korea

This laptop is the best investment ever. I'm getting a ton of stuff done.

Some pics of Korea:

Secret Garden

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XML what now?

Why does everyone claim their shit is an XML parser when, in fact, they are just XML tokenizers?

Man, XML is such a pita. It's so ugly and clunky and verbose and all the libraries for tokenizing it just seems flaky... is there really a reason for me to use it in place of something application-specific? Je pense que non. I know it's the old new thing and all, but really, I'm just not convinced it's a good general-purpose solution.

Incidentally, I know I've arrived at, in the dark ages long gone, the concept of Wall complexity —kind of the data format analog to Kolmogorov complexity. The Wall complexity of a particular format is measured by the the size of the smallest Perl script that can parse it.

Thus, XML sucks.

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