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Tue, 25 Nov 2003

Chinese Blogs

Have been stumbling across a whole bunch of blogs from foreigners living in Chinese-speaking countries. Some of them make for fascinating reading, especially to the extent that they mirror my own experiences.

There's a big list at (The beige entries are blocked in China.)

Apparently there is some bluegrass in Taiwan:

The finer points of fuck in Mandarin: (particularly in the comments). Reminds me of my motorcycle accident and subsequent non-stoppage of the offending parties. Must be a Chinese tradition.

A retro-blog, transcribed from a decade-old journal:

I also enjoyed this one, Mainly, I think, because it basically describes William's life in a parallel universe where he made a only a few different choices.

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Don't hate me LiveJournal

Sorry lj folks. I finally moved the RSS feed to 1.0 and this is what the lj aggregator decides to do. I can only offer my humble apologies and the small consolation that, as summer leads to fall, and fall inevitably gives way to winter, this too shall pass.

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