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Fri, 28 Nov 2003

Deep-fried Turkey

Finally had a chance to taste the ambrosiac delicacy known as deep-fried turkey. I have been dying to try it ever since reading a Washington Post article a few years ago about how every year on Thanksgiving some number of houses are burned down in giant deep-fried-turkey-related fireballs. I don't know about you, but any food that regularly destroys houses is a food I want to try. (If the bird is not fully defrosted, then apparently it just explodes.) Plus everyone who's tasted it swears by it.

It was delicious. Not greasy at all—well-done and completely cooked, but consistently moist and oh-so tender. It looked a little scary coming out of the fryer, extremely golden brown and slightly dessicated, but it tasted fantastic. Juicy.

Now I just need to combine this with some durian and fugu to make a tasty, man-killing meal.

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