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Fri, 05 Dec 2003

Bluegrass Octoberfest Recap

Was at a jam out by work yesterday evening and got to chatting with one of the guys there. Turns out he was somewhat incidentally involved in the Bluegrass Octoberfest thing and was actually MCing on stage for a little. Thought he looked familiar... (and he said that yes, the promoters did not do a terribly great job promoting, and that the organizers were not really familiar with the whole bluegrass thing to begin with). So that was neat.

I had a pretty good time, even if it did leave me with a pounding headache for all today. T'was almost the opposite of our local jams—all singing songs, very few instrumentals and only an infrequent standard. I.e. tons of stuff I didn't really know—though I liked most of it. It was good, though tiring, to be continually improvising over all these unfamiliar tunes. Made me realized how very few licks I actually have under my fingers for this type of thing. (And how unable I am, as of yet, to detect a 2m chord as anything other than what the hell is that?).

We did play a very cool flamenco tune which I think was called "Juarez"—does anyone know about this? I remember the chords (all Cm, G#, G, and F (v. weird, doesn't seem phrygian)) but I would like to get a recording to learn the head from. Google has failed me, or perhaps I misremember the title.

BUT now the weekend is starting, which is ruining my relatively good mood.

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