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Sat, 06 Dec 2003

Blosxom Rules

Prompted by a recent post by the Blosxom creator, I just want to say that Blosxom rulez. Besides the obvious (it's fast, it's tightly integrated with your file system, it's free, it's open source, it's just one smallish perl script that's easy to edit, but there's no need because the plugin architecture makes it trivial to extend), the fs integration lets you place items in an arbitrary hierarchy (never mind the symlinks and other games you can play) and exports RSS feeds at each point in that heirarchy. PFC.

Of course in my case I have a completely degenerate hierarchy, because I only really talk about one thing, but for people with actual interesting things to say, that turns out to be pretty useful.

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Snow, in December, especially on a weekend, is, despite some past statements I've made, quite acceptable.

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The ripest fruit falls first. -- William Shakespeare, "Richard II"