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Wed, 10 Dec 2003

Perfect Compression

The following perl code compresses arbitrary data of size n into a set of n files, each with size 0. Independent of n, the total compressed file size is 0. Data is completely recoverable. Thus, perfect compression.

while(<>) {
        foreach $char (split //) {
                open(OUT, >compressed.$num) or die;
                utime ord($char), ord($char), compressed.$num;

Decompression is left as an exercise for the reader. (But it's quite trivial.)

Another day, another field of computer science laid to waste....

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Kill all Haitians

Apparently the company that makes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (which, in a happy coincidence, just arrived in the mail today, courtesy Gamefly, so I can finally finish it) has promised to remove the phrase "kill all Haitians" (and other similar phrases) from all future copies of GTA:VC.

Well, that's just dumb. A, the only people who haven't played that game already are the johnnies-come-extremely-lately like myself, so it's not like removing anything from future copies is going to have any effect; b, that phrase is made in the context of being in conflict with a particular Miami-based Haitian gang, so it's hardly an incitement to genocide against all Haitian people, as the protesters claim; c, Haitians are hardly singled out in this game, as you have dealings (good and ill) with many groups, race-defined and otherwise; d, it's a video game for chrissakes; and e, you guys are dumb.

So I hope the protesters are happy. They've wasted their time and money on a ridiculous issue, and reached the only solution they could possibly hope for: a completely limp and ineffectual one that does nothing to further their otherwise laudible goals.

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