a brilliant idea

Filter comments which contain incorrect punctuation or misspellings.
In this case it's YouTube comments (apparently I'm not the only one who has a problem describing them without using the word "cesspool"), but frankly reddit could use it just as well. The results are compelling—waddayaknow, there's a very strong correlation between comment stupidity and poor spelling/punctuation.

Brilliant in its simplicity, and it would be interesting to see how this compares to an approach using StupidFilter, which I guess is some kind of binary SVM classifier.

An awesome function

As seen in a random reddit comment:

def yesterdays_date():
yesterday = time.localtime()
return yesterday

the git folks grudgingly acknowledge the rubyists...

Git 1.6.0 (just released) contains now detects Ruby class, module and method definitions in diff output. Previously it was just class names. (This patch.)

Other things I'm excited about in the new Git:

  • "git-clone --mirror" is a handy way to set up a bare mirror repository.

  • git-diff --check now checks leftover merge conflict markers.

  • "git-stash save" learned --keep-index option. This lets you stash away the local changes and bring the changes staged in the index to your working tree for examination and testing.

  • git-stash also learned branch subcommand to create a new branch out of stashed changes.

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