Grad School Day One

Well, first day of class and I had a blast. My lingering doubts about grad school have now completely dissipated. There is a ton of interesting shit going on in this place. I signed up for a networked sensors class on a whim and it seems like it will be a lot of fun. Then I stopped in on the ongoing faculty research seminar for PhD students and even the HCI stuff sounded wicked interesting.

Plus laundry is free. How the previous years of students manage to con the university into providing that is beyond me.

Speaking of perks, I heard this story: Sergie of Google was back visiting the CS department from whence he dropped out one day, when a nameless grad student said unto him: “Lo, Sergei, dost thou remember TGIF?” And Sergei said unto him: “Verily, for it is meet and just that I so do.” The grad student replied: “If thou would the CS students really like you, thou should double our TGIF budget.” And to this day, TGIF attenders eat only the finest yuppie foods and drink only the finest yuppie beers, in rememberance of Him.

The music scene, unfortunately, seems pretty dead. I signed up for a practice room on weekday mornings and apparently Evan Price of the Hot Club of San Francisco teaches, so I’m going to see if I can score some gypsy jazz violin lessons. Which would be fantastic. In the mean time I’m going to make a fucking music scene here if I have to.


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By “networked sensors” do you mean “sensor networks”?

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