Game Seven

Let me preface this by saying I’m the least likely person in the world to say something positive about a sporting event. In fact, I’m against physical activity in general. In fact, I have been known to write poems in classical Chinese about how each moment spent playing sports is one fewer moment spent studying the Confucian Analects (and hence, obviously, a moment wasted). (Note to self: dig that up at some point.)

BUT this Red Sox thing is, I am pained to admit, pretty exciting. The whole city is focused on the event to a degree I rarely see two people simultaneously focus on, never mind a million. As I was walking down to the coffee shop tonight, the streets were completely empty and quiet. Suddenly I heard screaming from every house within earshot. I imagine I could get a reasonable idea of the score at any point by sitting out on the sidewalk all night and listening.

Of course, the fact that I have a v-note riding on this (at 20:1 odds!) doesn’t hurt my level of involvement either. :) But we’ll see how it turns out… my point of view is a purely stochastic one and baseball exhibits a very wide variance.


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