iAudio G3

I bought a 1Gb iAudio G3 today. It’s a flash player with OGG support, a display, great sound quality, good recording capabilities and a 35+ hour life on 1 AA battery.

I realized a couple things about portable music players when my Neuros died: hard drive players are fragile, bulky, expensive, and power-hungry. If it’s too big or too fragile to carry around in my coat pocket and listen to music as I please, what’s the point? Also, those lithium-ion rechargable batteries that everyone uses have a 2 to 3 year life. Hope you have a way to replace them!

The only draw to the HD players is size, but with 150+ gigs (compressed) in my collection, current technology can’t support me anyways. So I decided to take on the burden of having to update the leading edge of my music collection every once in a while, and went to flash.

The G3 is everything my Neuros wasn’t: small, light, durable, and cute. The user interface is a huge step forward. You can add songs to the playlist while it’s playing something else without a huge slowdown in menu speed (imagine that!). The song title scrolls across the screen while the music plays (imagine that!). You can browse by directory structure rather than having to scroll through a 1-d list of a gazillion artist names/album titles/song names. And so on.

Compared to the iPod shuffle, it’s significantly more expensive ($65 more for the 1Gb model), but it has a display, recording capabilities, and OGG support (essential for me). And it doesn’t make you look like a wanker.

So, I’m happy.


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