Tastes Like Gravy String Band Debut 2005-2-2

Well, as of our six-hour snowed-in rehearsal last night, we have a name, a repetoire, and a gig: the Tastes Like Gravy String Band will be debuting at Tir Na Nog (Somerville) on Wednesday, February 2nd.

I’m really excited. The new repetoire is fantastic: we’ve 20’s jug band tunes, 40’s and 50’s Western swing, and just enough bluegrass to keep us from being kicked out of the Cantab. Our best songs by far, though, are Millie’s originals, which fit right in with the whole scheme (i.e. sound like they were written 70 years ago).

The nice thing for me over the last few months as we’ve been working this all out is, seeing as how I got into improvisational music via bluegrass, that I’m being forced to think about harmonic space outside of I-IV-V-vi, and melodic space outside of 1-flat3-3-5-6-flat7. I’ve been getting a ton of licks from old Bob Wills recordings, and it still feels weird to learn something that emphasizes 2s and 4s and other notes I’ve been basically avoiding except as passing tones. Weird, but good.

Anyways. Come see us if you’re in Boston.