Bush's One Finger Salute and Video Vote Vigil

OMG! Bush flicked off the camera before taping an address when he was Governor of Texas. So fucking what? If anything, that clip is the most humanizing view of Bush I’ve ever seen. It’s hardly, as one group of morons calling themselves Video Vote Vigil describes, what “he thinks of democracy.” It’s actually kinda funny, and a little compelling.

That kind of partisanship in what would otherwise be a group with completely laudable goals I find completely irritating. Voter fraud and voter indimidation are serious issues, and by being so trite, VVV do themselves a great disservice. Heck, the defining era of pervasive voter fraud—1960’s Chicago under mayor Richard J. Daley—was staged and executed by Democrats, so don’t get up on that high horse so soon there, buddy.

In related news, the Economist endorses John Kerry, in a surprising but (as always) well-reasoned, thoughtful and intelligent piece.


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