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Fri, 06 Jun 2003

Perl Obfuscation

Writing code to generate more code really turns me on. I wrote an obfuscated Perl code producer (in Perl of course) a few weeks ago based on a trick I found somewhere on the web. Unfortunately I forget where I found the trick, but it's pretty neat and took me a while to understand.

Here is some sample output:

 '?( {(@@.}('=~('(?{'.('+/)@[@|);##_]*@@=^*|'^'[]@./`^A^OO0}^(%O; ^').'})')

This example just prints a string, but in principle could execute an arbitrary set of Perl commands. Neat eh? Perl as a decryption engine.

(You'll need to pass this in to perl directly; using –e typically won't work because the shell will interpret the single quotes.)

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