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Thu, 18 Dec 2003

A colleague of mine has a bluetooth-aware cellphone and has it set up with his computer, which he uses to play music, such that when he receives a phone call, the music automatically drops in volume, and when he leaves the room, it pauses, and when he returns, it resumes. That, as we say in Chinese, is pretty fucking cool.

I would like to do that. And there are a ton of other neat things I can think of doing along the same lines, if I could write bluetooth code on my cellphone. This is some cool shit! And happy, I am contemporaneously also in the market for a new cellphone. So I'd like to know: what cellphones can be developed for, easily, particularly wrt bluetooth functionality?

Do you, my dear readers (and for once that includes the retards who arrive here by searching for cracks and pr0n, which is 95% of my traffic) know of such a phone?

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Re: Bluetooth
wrote on Fri, 26 Dec 2003 12:22

The one glitch: When he leaves the room, his music turns off, so I turn mine on. Then when he comes back, and I'm in the middle of a cool song, we get dueling songs. He has, at times, come in and out of the office, ducked into the office next door for a moment, that sort of thing. I want an anti-bluetooth functionality for office-mates. Imagine if you and JH *both* get bluetooth functionality.

(I'm complaining, but it's really only a minor peeve, falling well below the lack of women's rooms in chemistry buildings and pencil erasers that are so old they make a little red streak on the paper instead of erasing.)


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