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Wed, 18 Jun 2003
Mass Storage

Dealnews has a pointer to a 160gb EIDE harddrive for $80. That's 50 cents a gig. Pretty amazing—I went to purchase one, but they're out of stock.

But 50 cents a gig is pretty sweet. At that price, I don't have to worry about storage space, ever. At work we're constantly having to fight with the sysadmin people for disk space, which they give out in 2gig chunks. So by the above metric, that's $1 worth of disk space, at the price of a few hundred dollars of people's time. (Of course, the disk space is more costly than that, because they have to back up and maintain everything, but still. It's just silly that we have to worry about these 1980's issues.)

This brings me to my theory (which may not be unique; I should do a literature survey) of pr0n-driven technology, or PDT. The idea is that pr0n is the major factor in pushing technology forward. In particular, advances in network bandwidth, storage capacity, compression schemes, peer-to-peer ideas like BitTorrent, etc. are directly related to people's appetite for pr0n.

I wonder how work on 3d hologram projection is coming along...

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