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Mon, 25 Aug 2003
William Antivirus

I have an idea for an anti-virus program I'm considering suggesting at work, where we've been hit fairly hard by a virus or two recently. I suspect it will be both cheaper and far more effective than Norton Antivirus or other software.

The program consists of three components:

  1. A mockup of the email software regularly used by employees, with, say, 100 messages in the inbox. Some of the messages contain attachments, and some of the attachments are executables.
  2. A supervisor.
  3. A stick.

During the course of the program, employees will sit in front of the mockup (1) and go through all 100 messages. The supervisor (2) will stand behind them. Each time they click on an executable attachment, the supervisor will hit them on the head with the stick (3). All other times, the supervisor will be still.

I predict that 99% of computer virus problems will be solved within a day.

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