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Ritex 0.3 released

I’ve released Ritex 0.3. No API or functionality changes; this is just a set of miscellaneous tweaks that make Ritex work on Ruby 1.9.

Ritex 0.2 released

It’s been almost four years since the previous release, so I’m happy to announce that Ritex 0.2 has been released today. This version features many bugfixes an improvements, most notably:

  • Array options are now supported. (Necessary to get the eqnarray-style equation alignment in this post.)
  • Unary minus heuristics are much improved.

Here’s a quick demo of the unary minus:


Sadly, just as with LaTeX itself, there are still times where you have to hint to get the right behavior:


Over the years since the last release it looks like there are two new options for generating MathML in Ruby. Itex2MML has developed Ruby bindings, and there’s some other project just called MathML. The big win for Ritex over these packages, of course, is macro support:

\define{\onion}{\hat{\theta}} -
\define{\potato}[1]{E_\theta[#1]} -

A quick gem install ritex should get it for you, and you can see some more example input/output pairs here.