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Wed, 29 Oct 2003
Welcome to Pittsburgh

Here's a story a friend of mine told me about his only visit to Pittsburgh:

Some friends and I drove down to Pittsburgh in the 90's for a Dylan concert. We got to the Civic Arena, took our seats, and the concert started. I was really getting into it and at around the fourth song of the first set I took out my pack of cigarettes and lit one.

All of a sudden someone taps me on the shoulder and it's the guy behind me, wearing a shirt that says Fire Marshal on it. He says, "Alright buddy, that's it. I told you once before. You're out of here!" and he grabs me by the shoulder and starts pulling me towards the exit.

I say, "Look, you've got the wrong guy. You didn't talk to me before. I'm not even really a smoker. I'll gladly give you this entire pack of cigarettes, just let me listen to the concert." And he says, "You're getting out of here now or I'm going to have you arrested." What could I do? I shut up. He took my ticket and dragged me out the door. I spent the rest of the concert in the parking lot.

In an era of hit-and-miss Dylan performances, that concert is apparently remembered as a particularly good one....

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Re: Welcome to Pittsburgh
Mark wrote on Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:51

The story is really in the other outlaw with whom I passed the time outside, a slightly scary redneck whose offending smoke had been of a more efficacious sort and whose patter relied heavily on ungrammatical racist jokes. I brooded and scowled and smoked cigarettes and listened to tired stoner lore and waited for my ride. At least it wasn't raining.

    Re: Re: Welcome to Pittsburgh
    William wrote on Wed, 29 Oct 2003 22:06

    was i reasonably accurate in my retelling of the tale?


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