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Sun, 14 Sep 2003

writebacks_recent plugin

Wrote another Blosxom plugin for the "recent comments" list that's now in the sidebar. I've seen similar plugins that generate a separate page of links upon request, but nothing that spits out a nice includable HTML list. Pretty crappy code at the moment (e.g. no caching) but it works.

Updated the comment system as well to some fancy shizzle that allows threading and timestamps, finally. Luckily, making the plugin work with this instead of the old writeback system was trivial.

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Sun, 24 Aug 2003

The All-Thing

In case you hadn't noticed, the anti-blog is now the All Thing. (Cf. Dan Simmon's Hyperion, which is perhaps based on Um Alþingi ?)

Also let me state for the record that with Apache's mod_proxy and mod_rewrite it is so easy and so painless to restructure things arbitrarily while still preserving historical URIs. And to think, in the olden days we used to map URLs directly to specific machines and filesystem components.

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Thu, 21 Aug 2003

Search referers

Wrote another Blosxom plugin to display recent searches that point to the anti-blog. I'm sure this probably exists already, but it was pretty trivial to write. It does something very neat, which I haven't seen before: each query links to the original search results page, so you can see exactly how people ended up here.

You can see this all on the sidebar on the left. The source code is available.

Man, people sure do search for some weird shit. If you're in Finland and you search for cs-babes on Google, you get the anti-blog. If you're in Taiwan and you search for man's anus hair, the anti-blog is #2. Jesus.

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Sun, 13 Jul 2003

More UTF-8 stuff

Well I upgraded my version of Perl to 5.8.0, which allegedly solves all Unicode problems, but as far as I can tell, the same shit is necessary to beat Perl into submission as always has been. In fact I now have more trouble with utf8 entries—they suddenly stopped working and I had to make the following plugin in order to fix them:

William's utf8text blosxom plugin

That might be helpful to someone else.

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Wed, 09 Jul 2003


I'd been having all sorts of trouble with the Big-5 aspects of the anti-blog, and there was no reason to be doing things in Big-5 anyways (except historical ones), so I went ahead and moved everything over to UTF-8 and I think it works. At least, I can now embed 中文字 in the middle of posts and it works (it didn't actually before—it wasn't just your browser screwing up).

Very pleasing. I hope to write more Chinese now.

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Tue, 01 Jul 2003

On the continuing decline of William's mind

Wow. Just looked through an old demi-blog I had created about a year ago. Clearly I was about ten times more intelligent then than I am now.

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Mon, 16 Jun 2003

No telephone in heaven

I don't have any internet access at home for the next week (and haven't had it for a week already). And I have mixed feelings about it.

Obviously it makes some things a lot more difficult—e.g. all the brilliant ideas that I have, I'm forced to remember them until Monday morning when I can finally inscribe them in the stone tablet of the anti-blog for your (my non-existent reader's) pleasure—but it's also a no-underwear kind of liberating. E.g. I sat around last night sipping my new favorite bourbon, barrel-proof Wild Turkey (which, by the way, is both exceedingly delicious and exceedingly alcoholic—this batch was about 108 proof) and reading this big book of Chinese art I've had for years but never really looked at.

Of course the book was still boring as fuck BUT given that my traditional activity for the evening would have been compulsively reloading Craigslist, I felt it was a significant improvement.

But I'm hoping this sort of this will continue even post-internet installation, now that I have separate rooms for reading, internet access, and sleeping. I've always had a difficult time mixing contexts so I'm hoping this will make it easier to get some reading/studying done at home.

And if not, the 1369 Cafe is two literal blocks from my doorstep...

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Tue, 10 Jun 2003

I Suck

Re-reading the last few days' worth of posts, I realize that they really suck. I don't think I'm this poor of a writer in general. But my good writing tends to have a lot of time devoted to it, so perhaps it's just a matter of practice to get these once-over'd, ne'er-edited posts come out well.

And as a complete non-sequiter, accidentally having capslock on while trying to use vi is like being under the influence of really, really strong drugs. You can't figure out what's going on, and everthing does the opposite of what you'd expect. You'll try to move your arm and instead your eyes switch to monochrome and start babbling about your childhood.

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Wed, 04 Jun 2003

RSS 1.0

Well I've spent a little time trying to get an RSS 1.0 feed working. I'm not entirely sure of it because Blosxom doesn't seem provide a complete set of functionality, but you can try it here and let me know if it works or not.

In particular Blosxom doesn't have to seem to have a built-in per-post idea of descriptions, so I'm using the entirety of the entry for now. Not sure if this is or is not the right thing to do. Regardless, there's probably a plugin that does some kind of LJ-style cut that I can co-opt for this purpose.

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The beginning

Well here it is. The blog from he who hates blogs. The blog to end all blogs. Partially due to my good friend Y.C. Cheng, and partially due to my realization that static content is the least interesting, least useful aspect of the internet, I've jumped on the blogwagon, at least for a while.

There are two other aspects of blogosity that I find appealing. The first is having a permanent record of ideas, links, thoughts, memes, etc.—I know I burn through a lot of ideas, most of which are lost in the ether. Permanent searchable record = good.

The other aspect that's very appealing to me in a technical sense is the RSS aggregation stuff. I think that's a very cool idea. Similar to mailing lists, at least from my point of view, but finer-grained, lower entry/exit barriers and higher posting barriers, which I hope will be the right combination to reduce the traditional mailing list issues. We shall see.

Anyways, that's enough rationalization. If I can stay away from the "the type of peanut butter that I ate today" kind of entries, which are the source of most of my anti-blogness, I'll consider this experiment a success.

We'll see how things go.

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There's small choice in rotten apples. -- William Shakespeare, "The Taming of the Shrew"