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Mon, 16 Jun 2003

No telephone in heaven

I don't have any internet access at home for the next week (and haven't had it for a week already). And I have mixed feelings about it.

Obviously it makes some things a lot more difficult—e.g. all the brilliant ideas that I have, I'm forced to remember them until Monday morning when I can finally inscribe them in the stone tablet of the anti-blog for your (my non-existent reader's) pleasure—but it's also a no-underwear kind of liberating. E.g. I sat around last night sipping my new favorite bourbon, barrel-proof Wild Turkey (which, by the way, is both exceedingly delicious and exceedingly alcoholic—this batch was about 108 proof) and reading this big book of Chinese art I've had for years but never really looked at.

Of course the book was still boring as fuck BUT given that my traditional activity for the evening would have been compulsively reloading Craigslist, I felt it was a significant improvement.

But I'm hoping this sort of this will continue even post-internet installation, now that I have separate rooms for reading, internet access, and sleeping. I've always had a difficult time mixing contexts so I'm hoping this will make it easier to get some reading/studying done at home.

And if not, the 1369 Cafe is two literal blocks from my doorstep...

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"Not Hercules could have knock'd out his brains, for he had none." -- Shakespeare