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Fri, 21 Nov 2003

Well well. Various pressures that have been brewing for several years now have come to a head (really, I am not trying to make some kind of strained (ack!) sexual metaphor here) and I have begun studying Japanese.

I'm on day two and it's still fun. That's a good sign. Usually if something lasts till day two with me, it will last a while.

I suspect Japanese will be a little easier for me than for most, as I've already been exposed fairly extensively to the sound of the language, and already have more kanji than you can shake a stick at under my belt. But we shall see how day three goes.

The nice thing about having no real friends is that I can hold a full-time job, study Chinese, Japanese, and bluegrass fiddle, and still have time left over to drink (by myself, obviously) and play Xbox all weekend long.

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    Re: Re: Japanese
    William wrote on Mon, 24 Nov 2003 09:40

    Just wait till you see me in a Japanese restaurant. (The wait staff is by and large Chinese, in my experience....)


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