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Tue, 15 Jul 2003
Life Lessons

Well after twenty-four years of hard livin', I've learned a few things. These I will share with you, my dear readers. Allow me to present:

William's Ten Lessons from Livin' the Ghetto-Fabulous Lifestyle:

  1. If you're somewhere and you're not having fun, just get up and leave.
  2. If things are good, keep your hands in your pockets and don't fuck with anything.
  3. The violin can sound better at almost any type of music than any other instrument can.
  4. If you can amuse yourself, what does amusing other people matter?
  5. A camera's size, durability, and weather-proofing matter far more than things like lens type and pixel count.
  6. Don't spend more than $6 on a pair of sunglasses or a bottle of wine.
  7. Never trust someone under the age of 30 who's wearing a suit. (They want to sell you something—or to convert you, which amounts to the same thing.)
  8. Never trust someone who follows the rules too closely. (Converse: walk on grass and share music.)
  9. Avoid people who talk too much.
  10. Stick with you're good at. Find a way to get paid to do it.
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