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Mon, 17 Nov 2003

How fucked up is it that I find myself enraged on a daily basis by the doings of the RIAA, the MPAA, and the congressholes they have in their pockets, while I feel nothing but a dull acceptance of the political decisions that are getting Americans my age killed in shithole backwater countries across the globe?

I mean, the RIAA et. al. are obviously pure evil, and what they're doing is harmful to the very fabric of our society, and if I were a vengeful God, every employee and lawyer of theirs would be target #1 on my "let's bring back the Old Testament" list, but shit. Politic bits and I get angry; politic blood and I don't seem to feel a thing.

Maybe it's just that I've been watching Band of Brothers recently (recorded in a physical form the MPAA would strenuously object to, tee hee)....

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