Whisper 0.5 released

I’ve released Whisper version 0.5. Lots of good stuff since 0.3 (I didn’t announce 0.4 because it was a minor bugfix release):

  • Nested comments are now properly supported.
  • New <pre> and <poem> blocks added.
  • A new whisper-process-email command for manually reprocessing email. You can also offload all email processing to this program instead of the main Whisper server, if you like.
  • New dependency for the 0.2 version of RiTeX, which has equation array support (see announcement for details).
  • Better mbox-splitting code, now that I’ve figured out how to do this properly in Sup.
  • RiTeX macros now properly persist throughout an entry.
  • Many other minor bugfixes: attribution lines in emails, various incorrect bits of HTML output, escaping of Ritex error messages, etc.

Try it now!

  1. sudo gem install whisper --source http://masanjin.net/
  2. whisper-init <blog directory>
  3. Follow the instructions.

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